401k and IRA contributions limits for 2019 are going up!

401k and IRA contributions limits for 2019 are going up!

Our good pal, the IRS has issued guidance on contribution limits for 2019. The news is good for those already maxing out their tax-advantaged space or planning to do so next year. According to the IRS news release, 401k, 403b and most 457 plans are changing from an $18,500 max to $19,000 next year. That's [...]

New IRS withholding tables mean a bigger paycheck for 2018

There's nothing better to start a new year than a bigger paycheck. No, I'm not talking about a raise or a bonus. I'm talking about the newly updated IRS withholding tables. Your employer uses these bad boys to make sure you're paying the right amount in taxes. The recent tax reform legislation enacted major changes [...]

My savings rate and expenses – May update – health expenses

Health expenses are really easy to underestimate. I think that's one of the biggest worries I'll have whenever I actually make the decision to quit the work force. It's not just the insurance premiums that will be a bother. It's also the deductibles you have to meet before coverage kicks in. Both are sure to [...]

The story behind Health Savings Accounts

We're back with another round of yearly open enrollments, benefit choices and premium increases and I thought it'd be a good time to talk about Health Savings Accounts(HSA), an underutilized tool when it comes to saving for you retirement(early or otherwise). An HSA is the most tax-advantaged account available to most investors and has many [...]