September dividend update

Hi and welcome to another monthly dividend update. September is one of the big four months where investors like myself who hold a lot of ETFs and/or mutual funds get a good chunk of their dividends.

The last big one was June and that dividend post showed awesome results for my dividend employee Steve. If you’re not familiar with Steve, he’s my portfolio in worker form and I like to see what his annual hourly wage is as I grow my portfolio and dividend payouts.

June’s dividend payout was a bonkers 46% more than the previous June but some of that was driven by an unexpected payout from one of my international funds that normally only pays in December. That means I’m not expecting September to grow quite as much but still expect pretty decent growth from the continual reinvestment and added cash.

September 2016’s dividends came in at a $1265.09 so that’s the baseline from which I’ll be comparing this month.

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August dividend update

Last month I saw a 22% bump in my dividends and I’m hoping that can continue this month.

Both July and August are slow months for me and my dividend employee Steve but we’re into September now which is one of the four big months four me due to my mutual fund and ETF exposure.

I’ve added more money into my bond funds that pay monthly recently due to the strong stock market performance leading to bonds becoming under weighted in my portfolio and that has helped spur growth in these off months a little bit.

Last year’s August income came in at $81.26 so that’s the base I’m working with when setting my expectations for the month. Let’s take a look at the August income. Continue reading “August dividend update”

July dividend update

The awesome record breaking(outside of December) total I saw in June is behind me and now I’m back to an off month in July.

All of us ETF holders are used to big payouts quarterly and lack of payouts outside of those months. I’ve been adding a bit of cash to my bond funds in the last few weeks since that area of my asset allocation has fallen behind due to the great performance in stocks and that has led to slight increases in my monthly payouts in these off months. It hasn’t been a lot of cash since my expenses shot up the past two months due to my engagement and wedding planning but anything above 0 is great as it will help with the compounding going forward.

My bond mutual funds are the only ones that pay monthly so they’re my primary income in slower months like July. These might be small months when compared to June or any other quarter but anything I get here will be reinvested and help this number grow year over year.

Last year’s July income was $52.76 so that serves as a starting point for my expectations here. Let’s take a look at how I did this month. Continue reading “July dividend update”

June dividend update

June was a very busy month for me. Not only did I get engaged but we also spent a considerable amount of time looking for houses. In fact, we just made an offer on our potential first home today which is both exciting and stressful.

I’ll write about that process another day and what it might mean for my portfolio but today I’m looking at my June dividends and am excited by what I see.

My portfolio is very ETF/mutual fund focused so a lot of the payouts are centered on these quarter ending months and these months drive my performance for the quarter and the year. Even though I’m not a dividend focused investor, I do feel like consistent and growing dividend payouts are a helpful tool in long term investing and as such, I set a goal of $8,000 for the year.

I’m not quite sure if I’m on pace to beat that goal and a lot of it will depend on what happens in December but June certainly helped my totals move along. Steve, my trusty dividend employee who has been lazying about the past two months found a lot of seasonal work in June and earned himself a solid wage!

As a reminder, my March dividend totals were $1250.80 and last June’s dividend total was $1161.49 so both serve as a starting point for what was expected this June. With that in mind, let’s take a look at how June 2017 looks. Continue reading “June dividend update”

May dividend update

Apple’s 10.5% dividend bump was a welcome sight in May. I don’t own a ton of individual shares of Apple but it is represented in a lot of my mutual funds and ETFs so I know that will carry through to those as well.

May is another low month as I get ready for June which is one of the four biggest months for dividends for me as a holder of a lot of mutual funds and dividends.

It’s great to see any stocks you own raise their dividends year over year as it’s a key part of long term returns. I’m not an investor who targets dividends specifically but most of the companies I own and am interested in have excellent and consistent free cash flow which generally leads to regular dividend bumps if the company chooses to return value to shareholders in that manner.

June brings another opportunity for a dividend raises as one of my larger holdings, UnitedHealth Group(UNH) generally announces dividend raises in June. Last year, they bumped the dividend  25% after raising it 33% for two years in a row before that. The company has excellent free cash flow and is growing earnings at a solid pace and even with those big increase, their payout ratio is 33% and that’s off an earnings base in 2016 that’s expected to increase quite a bit in 2017. The yield has fallen recently to 1.39% due to strong performance in the stock so I’m hopeful we see another 25% bump here as the company definitely has the room to keep giving out big increases yearly if it chooses to continue its shareholder return strategy.

I’m excited to see how June looks and am hopeful it’s a bigger month than last September and shows good growth against last June. I saw a 26% bump in March dividends y/y so it’d be awesome to see something close to that in June and would help a lot in getting to my goal of at least 8k in dividends this year.

That’s enough about June. Let’s take a look at how the dividends looked in May and where I sit YTD. Continue reading “May dividend update”

April dividend update

I’m back from my vacation to Nashville which was super fun and ready to take a look at the dividends I got in April. I think my dividend employee Steve is taking a little vacation as well after working hard for dividends in March.

The excitement of the large March update winds down in April as we get back to our regularly scheduled tiny payments.

My bond fund is the only thing that pays monthly and I only have one stock that pays outside the quarterly payout cycle so most of my money is in those quarter ending months.

I did recently add a bit more money into my bond funds as bonds became slightly under represented in my asset allocation which will help these tiny months be slightly less tinier.

I did get some good news today as one of my core holdings Apple raised their dividend to .63 per quarter, another ~10% raise which was nice to see. I don’t own a ton of shares but most large-caps index funds do have a decent chunk of Apple as well so the quarterly payments there will get a tiny bump as well!

Let’s take a look at how I did in April and where I am in 2017 YTD. Continue reading “April dividend update”

March dividend update

Spring is finally here and although the weather isn’t quite beautiful yet, I’m glad to have those freezing cold days out of the way.

March is always an exciting month for me as it’s the first big dividend payment month of the year and I’m eager to see how it compares to last year.

My portfolio has grown quite a bit since the March update last year so I’m expecting to see some significant growth in dividend payments as well.

My dividend employee Steve has taken it easy the first two months but there’s often a lot of work right before spring begins so let’s take a look at how he did in March. Continue reading “March dividend update”