Time in the Market dividend review – April 2018 – Apple dividend increase

Time in the Market dividend review – April 2018 – Apple dividend increase

It's the end of April and we finally have some nice weather. The start of May also brought some good news in the form of an Apple dividend increase! During their earnings call on May 1st, Apple announced a $100B stock buyback program plus a 16% dividend increase payable in May. That's good news for [...]

Time in the Market dividend review – March 2018 – mutual fund dividends

It's March and that's good news for those cool cats with a lot of mutual funds or ETFs. Mutual fund dividends are back on the menu as the quarter wound to an end. It's time for most funds to payout accumulated dividends for the quarter. This mutual fund or ETF payout schedule is familiar to [...]

Time in the market dividend review – February 2018 – bond yields aren’t terrible now?

Bond yields have continued their rapid ascent to start year. This isn't a great thing for current bond holders especially if you're in long term bonds. However, it does mean that bonds are starting to look more attractive to future investors. Luckily, I'm a combination of the two. I have a small allocation to bonds [...]

Time in the Market dividend review – January 2018 – the rise of the bond dividends!

January is a month full of bond dividends! The title makes of this post made me think of a bad financial Terminator movie. "The bond dividends are too powerful! WE MUST STOP THEM!" December, my biggest month of the year is long gone and it's time to start the new year. These early months are [...]

Time in the Market’s 2017 Year in Review Extravaganza

2017 has passed on, it is no more, it has ceased to be so it's time FOR THE 2017 YEAR IN REVIEW EXTRAVAGANZA.  What makes this an EXTRAVAGANZA? Will there be fireworks and fried dough? No, there won't but there will be graphs and things like that and those are just as good; some might [...]