Time in the market’s 2017 goal review

Time in the market’s 2017 goal review

The year is over, my 2017 year in review is done so it’s time for my annual goal review.

Last year, when I designed these goals, I thought it’d be nice to tier them and give myself stretch goals. I set up three separate medals for each goal mirroring the Olympics. I made a bronze tier, a silver tier and a gold tier.

It’s good timing that I’m writing this up just as the Olympics are happening.

These goals were created with the idea that bronze is reachable and anything beyond is more of a stretch. It’s just like the Olympics, you need a lot of hard work to get a gold medal! That means if I do well, I can be just like this guy.

gold medal

Imagine that’s me. Ignore the fact that I don’t have any actual medals, have much less talent and am in much worse shape. Beyond that if I get a bunch of golds here, we’re pretty much exactly the same. Also, I can’t swim. Still, almost the same.

In reality I’m not sure I can hit many golds this year. That’s not the point here anyway because golds should be rare if I set the goals correctly.

Reviewing these goals during Q3 showed me that I was a bit behind. That made me realize that I had to put in some extra work to even have a shot at bronze this year in many categories. Q4 was a big one for me as I cut back on spending and boosted my savings rates to make sure I could hit these goals. That’s the benefit of setting goals and keeping regular track of them. The Q3 review made me realize I was behind so I took action.

You might as well call me Action Jackson.

The reality is that I wouldn’t have done anything without the review and it was the goals that pushed me to act. It’s exciting to see that the goals are impacting me which means that there’s value in doing all this!

I set a ton of goals in 2017. Some of them weren’t related to financials which I quickly found was a bad idea due to how difficult it was to track them. That’s why my 2018 goals are solely related to finances and I’ll do separate short term goals for personal things. That’s enough said about the why so let’s get to the actual goal review. Continue reading “Time in the market’s 2017 goal review”


My 2018 Annual Goals – the financial goal Olympics

It’s freaking freezing outside and that means 2017 is coming to a close so it’s time to set my eyes on 2018 with some financial goals to aim for next year.

Last year’s annual goals post had a mix of personal and financial goals but I’m focusing entirely on financial goals this year as I have another idea in mind for personal goals.

I find that there’s huge value in writing down goals and keeping tab on your progress. It serves not only as a guidepost for certain decisions but also as a motivational tool. It’s certainly a lot easier to gauge your progress when you have clearly defined and written down goals than it is if you don’t.

garfield goals

I noticed the value first hand when I did my Q3 2017 goal review, saw that I was behind on my savings rate goals, got my butt in gear and nailed my November savings rate. The jury is out on December but I think I’m doing well this month as well and that bodes well for my overall financial goals this year.

Last year’s goals included three difficulty levels for each goal, starting with the easiest; bronze then silver then gold. It’s just like the Olympics except way cooler; the OLYMPICS OF FINANCIAL GOALS.

Maybe I’ll have my artistic fiancee make me some medals for next year so that I can actually have something tangible to aim for or I’ll just make these salt dough medals. Those are just as cool as real Olympic gold, right?

salt dough olympic medals

If you haven’t read last year’s post then the idea behind these goals is to make Bronze a reasonable goal that can be hit with a little bit of work, make Silver a stretch and make Gold a long shot. That means that if I set the goals correctly then I’ll hit mostly bronzes at the end of the year so let’s see what those goals are this year! Continue reading “My 2018 Annual Goals – the financial goal Olympics”

Time in the market’s Q3 2017 goal review

2017 was a year of firsts for me and that included the first time I set concrete goals that dealt with my portfolio. I’m sure we all have goals in the back of our mind that we strive for but writing them down and actually committing leads to a higher chance of success. I thought it’d be fun if I set tiered goals for myself and therefore decided to mimic the Olympics and gave myself bronze, silver and gold goals to aim for this year.

These goals were designed with the idea that Bronze would be a tiny stretch and everything else would require quite a bit of work to get there.

I wrote the initial post in February and promptly forgot about it but recent months of sub 20% savings rate reminded me of those goals.

Fall is one of my favorite seasons and the changing colors of the trees all around me has me wondering if it’s time for some changes in my life as well. I figured it was a good time to revisit my goals if I can make any adjustments in the last two months of the year that will help me hit those goals.

I’m hoping I can at least get most of the bronzes before the year wraps up and set my sights on something higher for 2018.

There were a bunch of goals in that initial post so let’s go through them one by one and see where I sit in relation to the various medals. The below analysis includes data through September. Continue reading “Time in the market’s Q3 2017 goal review”

My 2017 Annual Goals

I’m a bit late to the party here but it’s time to lay out my 2017 goals. I didn’t have any goals last year but I’ve been listening to a book recently that spoke to the value of writing down goals when it came to actually achieving them.

I think it’d be fun to set not only financial goals but also some personal goals. I also thought it’d be enjoyable to tier my goals into three levels. I’m going with bronze, silver and gold to reward myself at the end of the year! I’ll make bronze a reasonable level that I think I can reach with my regular approach and then stretch it out with the silver and gold tiers. It’ll be like the Olympics when I review this in 2018 and award myself a variety of medals based on how well I did in 2017!

I’m aiming to at least have as many bronzes as there are goals but am hoping for some silvers and golds in 2017 as well! Continue reading “My 2017 Annual Goals”