The average commute, the traffic, effect on wages and your life

The average commute, the traffic, effect on wages and your life

Ah, the commute, what a wonderful thing. Especially, when it comes with a little side of traffic. The average commute is a slog that’s part of every day life and can be quite a hassle.

Those of us with careers near a city are well versed in the subject. We spend a good portion of our lives sitting in our car behind other cars. Unfortunately, not everyone’s commute is an enjoyable romp through the country side. Traffic makes up a good part of many lives and our average commute.

We’re not just behind cars. There’s cars to the left of us and cars to the right of us. Cars taking people to work at a slower pace than they’re designed to move.

It’s not the driving to work that bothers me, it’s the traffic. The commute wouldn’t be so bad if it was a straight shot to the office.

I’m the type of person who actually enjoys a nice long drive. It’s fun to get out on the open road with a location in mind, enjoy some music and view the scenery. It’s not fun to be stuck behind dozens of cars that crawl like ants towards a bend in the road. What’s behind that bend? It’s probably more cars.

What got me thinking about the commute this time? It was a crappy commuting day!

My home is about 9 miles from work. On a weekend, where traffic is sparse, it takes me about 14 minutes to get from my apartment to my parking garage.

This particular morning, I left home at 8:30. As I got in my car, I got a text from a co-worker.

“Are you on this traffic on the highway,” she said, “I literally haven’t moved in 10 minutes.”

“Nope, haven’t left yet,” I responded, “I guess I’ll avoid the highway.”

“Good call,” she said, “there’s a car on fire, I think, I can see the smoke ahead of me and we’re not moving.”

“Glad I’m not stuck in that,” I said to myself and drove off determined to avoid the traffic. After all, I had the edge now, I knew information others didn’t, I’d get to work in no time at all.

I popped on a podcast and got on my way.

I pulled into my parking lot at 9:40. Continue reading “The average commute, the traffic, effect on wages and your life”


My dividend employee Steve

Hey guys, meet Steve, my dividend employee.

dividend employee steve

Steve’s a cool guy and a real go getter.

I first met Steve when I bought my first stock in college. I forget what it was and I didn’t know it at the time but when I made that first purchase, I apparently hired Steve. I didn’t plan on it but it just happened.

Three months later, he showed up at my house to say hello.

“Hey friend,” he said, “here’s 73 cents.”

“Oh,” I said, “that’s cool, but why are you giving this to me and what am I going to do with 73 cents?”

“It’s your 73 cents,” he said, “remember that stock you bought a while back? It comes with an added benefit, a great employee like me.”¬† Continue reading “My dividend employee Steve”