The average commute, the traffic, effect on wages and your life

The average commute, the traffic, effect on wages and your life

Ah, the commute, what a wonderful thing. Especially, when it comes with a little side of traffic. The average commute is a slog that’s part of every day life and can be quite a hassle.

Those of us with careers near a city are well versed in the subject. We spend a good portion of our lives sitting in our car behind other cars. Unfortunately, not everyone’s commute is an enjoyable romp through the country side. Traffic makes up a good part of many lives and our average commute.

We’re not just behind cars. There’s cars to the left of us and cars to the right of us. Cars taking people to work at a slower pace than they’re designed to move.

It’s not the driving to work that bothers me, it’s the traffic. The commute wouldn’t be so bad if it was a straight shot to the office.

I’m the type of person who actually enjoys a nice long drive. It’s fun to get out on the open road with a location in mind, enjoy some music and view the scenery. It’s not fun to be stuck behind dozens of cars that crawl like ants towards a bend in the road. What’s behind that bend? It’s probably more cars.

What got me thinking about the commute this time? It was a crappy commuting day!

My home is about 9 miles from work. On a weekend, where traffic is sparse, it takes me about 14 minutes to get from my apartment to my parking garage.

This particular morning, I left home at 8:30. As I got in my car, I got a text from a co-worker.

“Are you on this traffic on the highway,” she said, “I literally haven’t moved in 10 minutes.”

“Nope, haven’t left yet,” I responded, “I guess I’ll avoid the highway.”

“Good call,” she said, “there’s a car on fire, I think, I can see the smoke ahead of me and we’re not moving.”

“Glad I’m not stuck in that,” I said to myself and drove off determined to avoid the traffic. After all, I had the edge now, I knew information others didn’t, I’d get to work in no time at all.

I popped on a podcast and got on my way.

I pulled into my parking lot at 9:40. Continue reading “The average commute, the traffic, effect on wages and your life”


Tidbits: eating all of the fat on the keto diet

Tidbits: eating all of the fat on the keto diet

What is The Keto Diet 

Let’s talk about the keto diet guys!

Why? Just because I’m giving it a full out try again for various reasons which I’ll delve into later. I’m a big fan of nutrition and food. In fact, it’s my second passion behind finance so I’ll talk about it from time to time.

The plan is to have tidbits be my series of off-topic posts. If you’re here for the finance talk you can always ignore these!

What is the keto diet?

In simple terms, it’s a diet that avoids carbs. On the ketogenic diet, a person aims to stay under 20 carbs a day. In order to do that, a diet change must occur to replace carb laden foods with other things. Note that the 20 carbs is net carbs so it doesn’t include dietary fiber as your body doesn’t digest that.

That means instead of cereal, you’re starting your day with a nice bite of this.

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Time in the market’s 2017 goal review

Time in the market’s 2017 goal review

The year is over, my 2017 year in review is done so it’s time for my annual goal review.

Last year, when I designed these goals, I thought it’d be nice to tier them and give myself stretch goals. I set up three separate medals for each goal mirroring the Olympics. I made a bronze tier, a silver tier and a gold tier.

It’s good timing that I’m writing this up just as the Olympics are happening.

These goals were created with the idea that bronze is reachable and anything beyond is more of a stretch. It’s just like the Olympics, you need a lot of hard work to get a gold medal! That means if I do well, I can be just like this guy.

gold medal

Imagine that’s me. Ignore the fact that I don’t have any actual medals, have much less talent and am in much worse shape. Beyond that if I get a bunch of golds here, we’re pretty much exactly the same. Also, I can’t swim. Still, almost the same.

In reality I’m not sure I can hit many golds this year. That’s not the point here anyway because golds should be rare if I set the goals correctly.

Reviewing these goals during Q3 showed me that I was a bit behind. That made me realize that I had to put in some extra work to even have a shot at bronze this year in many categories. Q4 was a big one for me as I cut back on spending and boosted my savings rates to make sure I could hit these goals. That’s the benefit of setting goals and keeping regular track of them. The Q3 review made me realize I was behind so I took action.

You might as well call me Action Jackson.

The reality is that I wouldn’t have done anything without the review and it was the goals that pushed me to act. It’s exciting to see that the goals are impacting me which means that there’s value in doing all this!

I set a ton of goals in 2017. Some of them weren’t related to financials which I quickly found was a bad idea due to how difficult it was to track them. That’s why my 2018 goals are solely related to finances and I’ll do separate short term goals for personal things. That’s enough said about the why so let’s get to the actual goal review. Continue reading “Time in the market’s 2017 goal review”

This is not the greatest blog post in the world, no. This is just a tribute.

This is not the greatest blog post in the world, no. This is just a tribute.

This is not the greatest blog post in the world, no. This is just a Tenacious D reference to start a post about blogging.

One of the best things about blogging, besides the all the free water you get, is the community. I’m also kidding about the free thing, I still have to pay for my water. Everyone in the community is super helpful and eager to help others succeed. That’s great and one of the reasons so many people continue to blog. It’s easy to make a friend online with people who are going through a similar journey. It also helps that these people are all super kind and smart.

Another perk is that you sometimes get a chance to participate in cool things like the 2018 Rockstar Rumble.

Let’s get ready to RUMBLE!

The Rockstar Rumble is just like March Madness, except way cooler(if you’re a huge money nerd and not at all into sports). It’s a single elimination bracket competition that pits the best blogger submitted posts of 2017 against one another. It’s potentially the greatest rumble since Jackie Chan rumbled in the Bronx in 1995. If that doesn’t sell you on it then I don’t know what will!

Starting today, and continuing for the next few weeks, the rumble will allow voters to choose their favorite posts of the year. The first group of posts is up starting today and it features one of my posts!

My dividend employee Steve, a post that was previously featured on Rockstar Finance is one of the 128 posts that made the cut. Many more were submitted so it’s nice to be selected.

Now, I ask you as the reader to give me a hand. Vote for Steve in his quest to win! The first round of the Rockstar Rumble is right here. My post is featured in game 3 with the keyword Steve and I and the kitty would appreciate your vote. You can also feel smug about yourself by being a participant!

I voted

There’s so many great bloggers out there so make sure to check out all the other posts as well and vote. The rounds will continue through the next few weeks until only one post remains. Continue reading “This is not the greatest blog post in the world, no. This is just a tribute.”

OverDrive – the frugal reader’s best friend

I like to read.

It’s fun, it’s good for your mind and I feel like it’s also one of the best ways to improve your investing results. Through reading, you can learn from the best, find different investing styles, and see what has worked for people in the past while becoming more aware of the history of the market.

There are many benefits to reading from an investing stand point but it’s also an awesome way to entertain and improve yourself – plus people who read are super cool.

reading puppy

The best part about this is that it all can be free.

All you need is a library card and you can have access to thousands upon thousands of hours of entertainment and learning material at no cost to you.

The problem with that is that you actually have to put on pants, drive to the library, get familiar with Mr. Dewey and his decimal system, find the book you want to borrow, talk to someone to check it out and drive home with your book in tow.

Who wants to do all that!?

I like to read but I also like to sit on my butt and not go out.

That’s really where OverDrive shines!

If you’re like me; love to read but aren’t interested in building a collection of books for your bookcase and want to save time and money then OverDrive is for you.

OverDrive is an application that allows you to borrow ebooks, audiobooks and more from the comfort of your own home and all you need is a computer or phone and a library card(an eReader helps too). Continue reading “OverDrive – the frugal reader’s best friend”