Time in the Market Portfolio – Updated Regularly With Graphs and Stuff

Hey gang, this is my hidden time in the market portfolio page. I used to share it publicly in a post but to tired of writing the same nonsense over and over.

However, I still want to track it which is why this page exists.

Every month or so, I update my portfolio excel spreadsheet and see where I am in relation to my asset allocation. It’s also nice to see the totals as well.

Here are the latest results as of 11/10/2019.

Time in the Market Portfolio

The time in the market portfolio total as of 11/10/19 is $666,584.6!

That’s a 4.7% bump over last month or a 30k bump in dollar amounts.

As a reminder, here’s my asset allocation goal.

  • U.S. Large Cap – 42.5%
  • U.S. Mid Cap – 10%
  • U.S. Small Cap – 10%
  • U.S. REIT – 10%
  • International Developed – 15%
  • International Emerging – 5%
  • U.S. Bonds – 7.5%

Here is my asset allocation as of 11/10/19.

Due to the strong market in recent months, stocks have gone above target and bonds and REITs(income plays) have gone down in value.

As always, the goal with this portfolio is growth and that’s achieved two ways. First, I have an aggressive asset allocation that is strongly positioned towards growth. This is a risky play but I have a long-term risk horizon. On top of of that, I mirror my asset allocation closely and purchase things based on what is underweight.

That means that I’m always buying things that are “on sale” in relation to their historical allocation against the other asset classes.

I do hold cash but maintain a 10% max at all times. That cash is not reflected in the above asset allocation but is reflected in the portfolio totals.

I’ll try to keep this updated every month. However, since this is a hidden page, I do expect to miss a few months here and there. After all, sometimes you get lazy!