Career Development

Want to grow your career or get a raise? Check out the posts about career development down below. I'm a manager by trade so I know a thing or two about what goes on behind the scenes at work. At the same time, I am far from a company man and want to help you get the most out of your career or job. My life is not my career and I try to minimize my time at work as much as possible. Hopefully some of these articles will help you realize that there's more to life than just work. However, even if we're not career driven, there's still nothing wrong with maximizing your time outside of work or maximizing your salary. After all, the perfect job is one you like and one that pays you a competitive wage. Sometimes, people don't realize how to best ask for a raise or how to efficiently work and this page is designed to help you change that. Here's to great career development and great professional growth!

  • average commute

    The Average Commute, the Traffic, Effect on Wages and Your Life

    Ah, the commute, what a wonderful thing. Especially, when it comes with a little side of traffic. The average commute is a slog that’s part of every day life and can be quite a hassle. Those of us with careers near a city are well versed in the subject. We spend a good portion of our lives sitting in our car behind other cars. Unfortunately, not everyone’s commute is an enjoyable romp through the country side. Traffic makes up a good part of many lives and our average commute. We’re not just behind cars. There’s cars to the left of us and cars to the right of us. Cars taking…

  • work sucks

    5 Reasons Why Work Sucks in 2019

    Guys, let’s talk about why work sucks. Actually, let’s take a step back before we talk about why work sucks. In reality, work isn’t all that bad, there are worse things like a root canal. I mention that because I have an appointment for one next Tuesday. You want to charge me $1000 to do what? Thanks Mr. Dentist. Anyway, I want to be reasonable here before I tell you why I think work sucks. First, let’s get the good things about work out of the way so you don’t think me a negative person. You get the moneys and you can use that moneys to buy things. Like N’Sync…