About Time in the Market

Time in the Market is a blog about saving money and living well. Here I’ll talk about money in an easy to understand way. However, I know that life isn’t just about money. Living well is a key component and I’ll cover topics ranging from health to lifestyle to travel.

Time in the Market is a 35 year old guy taking an easy path to financial independence. I’m a first generation immigrant with a degree in finance and an interest in all things money!

I’m not overly frugal but want to get out of the grind while I’m still young enough to enjoy life. There’s no rush but you never know what the future will bring and it’s always good to be prepared.

The goal is to be financially independent well before retirement age. I’m not sure if I plan to quit working. However, I certainly want to have the options that financial independence gives you.

Join me on my journey on Time in the Market as I try to minimize stress and effort while maximizing return. I plan to spend as much time as possible with my wife and dog. That’s while spending as little time at work as I can. I love food, eating healthy, board games, television, long walks in the park, spending time with friends and other simple things.

Here’s a picture of my dog to brighten your day!

Time in the Market

I’m a risk averse investor that buys individual securities only after thorough research although I don’t mind employing a small portion of my capital to try new strategies and take some risks. I hold for the long term and try to buy with the assumption that I’ll hold for at least a few years if not forever.

I hold cash when I think its reasonable but limit myself to 10% of my overall portfolio to make sure my money is always in the market. After all, it’s all about the time in the market.

Hope you enjoy the stay and you can always reach me at jggblogging@gmail.com if you have any questions.