Stock quick hits: China Mobile (CHL) and General Mills (GIS)

Stock quick hits: China Mobile (CHL) and General Mills (GIS)

Stock Quick Hits #1 Welcome to stock quick hits! A series of posts where I look at stocks that seem vaguely appealing at the moment. Stocks like China Mobile! I'll do about thirty minutes of research and analysis on each stock. That means some background, a look through their financials and a quick calculation in [...]

Recent purchase – The Madison Square Garden Company(MSG)

Guys, I own a piece of the Knicks now! I've always been a basketball fan and the recent purchases of NBA franchises at increasingly higher prices has led me to take a closer look this stock. There aren't a ton of ways to invest in sports teams with only a few publicly traded companies offering [...]

Amazon’s taking over the world and the much talked about death of retail

Amazon's purchase of Whole Foods Market was the headline this Friday and it sent a whole sector of retail into a tailspin as the thought of competing with Amazon had investors worried about the future of the grocery space. It's true that Amazon and online shopping in general has had quite an effect on retail [...]

January dividend update – first dividend update of 2017

I can't believe that it is February already. It's crazy that I'm already writing the first dividend update of 2017. Ferris sure was right when he said that life moves pretty fast. We're already 1/12th of the way through 2017. For those among us that are big fans of winter, Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow. [...]