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Working at Home is Amazing and I Love Everything About It

Working at Home is Amazing and I Love Everything About It

I love working at home. I freaking love it! You can tell I’m excited about it because I don’t use the word freaking all that often.

Working at home is so great and these last few months have made me realize how much value I get out of it. I’ve been at home full time since March and it’s been the most I’ve enjoyed work in my entire career.

Before March I was in the office day in and day out so this is my first taste of the good life.

I don’t understand why more companies aren’t fully jumping on the work at home train. This is the perfect time to make that transition.

Sure, they’re forced to right now, but it seems like many of them can’t wait to get back to the office. Even my company is already planning to get back into the office ASAP.

Why the hell do they want to do that? Do they not want to save big real estate money? Are they not aware that this damn disease will still probably be around in a month? Why take the chance.

It’s as if they don’t trust me to do all the work I would otherwise do in the office at home. Well, that’s just silly because I’m so much more productive at home than I am the office.

This is a stock photo representation of me working at home.

Working at home

Look at me. I’m so damn happy, handsome and in tune with the world around me.

I can wake up at 8 A.M. and be at work at 8 A.M. after putting on some comfy sweatpants. The fact that most of us have high speed internet means I can access work at the same speed as I would in the office and do it just as efficiently.

My desk set up is better because it’s what I want it to be. I feel a lot more comfortable in my home office than I ever do in my depressingly lit cubicle farm.

I can pet my dog, take random breaks as needed and do things I want to do during down time. Lunches are a treat too because I can just hit up my fridge and make something fresh right there and then. Hell, I actually look forward to making lunch now.

As I write this, I’m sitting here eating some fresh fruit with some grain-free granola(hipster alert) and kefir. I just made it a few minutes ago, it’s fresh, delicious and tastes so much better than the five hour stale lunch I have to quickly make in the morning when I go into the office. On top of that, I get to eat it in the comfort of my own home and enjoy the natural light pouring into my windows.

I’m can also take well deserved lunch break to write this crappy article on my home computer too. After all, I’ve already done more work for the day than I would have at the office because I was able to log in earlier and was motivated to get stuff done so I could enjoy said lunch break. It’s crazy how a nice atmosphere just puts you in a better head space and makes work more enjoyable at the same time.

Dinners have gotten better too since I can easily set something up during the few ten minute breaks I take throughout the day. I might even go for a nice healthy appropriate distanced walk around outside my apartment before I have to jump on a call later. My dog will surely enjoy that too. I can also get a nice mid-day rowing machine workout in and even take a mid-day shower later too. I have so many damn options.

Thanks working at home!

Best of all, I don’t have to listen to people complain about how something about their job has annoyed them today. That’s all the rage in the office environment.

At home, if I want to talk to someone, I can call them but I’m not forced to listen to Bob as he tells me about how the traffic sucked or how Nancy from accounting hasn’t gotten him the spreadsheet he needs yet. I don’t care Bob. Nancy got me my stuff, maybe you just don’t say thank you so she puts you at the back of the list. And I know the traffic sucked. It sucks every damn day.

Except now it doesn’t. Traffic doesn’t suck because the commute from my home bedroom to my home office is a few steps.

It’s so freaking great. I’m thriving in this home environment. I’ve been more efficient and I’ve actually worked more REAL hours than I ever had in the past. Before, I’d find ways to waste time but now I’m actively working as I want to get some free time to do stuff around the house. Hell, I’ve even logged on after hours at times to get a bit more done as it’s busier now than it ever was and I don’t mind that at all.

The way I see it is that the company hires me to work an 8 hour day and pays me that way. When I work at home, I have 8 full hours to devote to work. However, when I’m in the office I have to add another hour or two for the commute and all the other bullshit that comes with it. If the pay doesn’t change then at best you’re getting 6 good hours out of me because all that other stuff saps my energy.

And how my company is acting like Jack from Lost and telling me we have to go back?

WHY! Why must you be so dumb and make me dislike you so when we just got into this amazing arrangement that benefits the both of us.

Remember the guy above, how he’s happy and handsome and eager to take on the world?

Well, this is a stock photo representation of me working at the office.

Working at the office

Can you spot the difference?

Where’s my smile or my zest for life? I’m no longer happy and apparently I have a headache. I might also be falling into a state of depression.

It’s probably right after Bob came over and told me about the traffic that he faced during the morning commute. Yea, dude, I hit the same traffic, in fact, it’s why my head hurts.

After all, I had to get up at 6:30 A.M. and spend all this time getting ready in the morning. For what? Oh, so I could get in my car and drive 8 miles down the highway in bumper to bumper traffic. That drive which normally takes ten minutes takes me 40 during rush hour. Once I get there, I get the pleasure of paying $120/month to park in a lot that’s a ten minute walk away from my building.

I’m not feeling that great and now i’m at the office at the same time I would be if I worked at home but I’m already tired of this shit. I’m not about to dive into the work because the stale ass sandwich or salad that I brought for lunch doesn’t really motivate me.

Neither do the depressing office lights and the sardine can design of our office. It’s always great to see that everyone around you has the exact same design of a desk. Uniformity is a real hallmark of productivity.

And I still have to stay 8 hours? And you pay me the same amount as you would if I worked at home plus I have these added costs in the form of gas, more frequent car maintenance and parking? Sign me the hell up!

Now, the office life isn’t all bad. I enjoy some aspects of it. There’s the social aspect and my team is actually filled with some pretty great people. However, it’s not like those people suddenly disappear from my life at home. Hell, even at the office we spend most of our time chatting via instant message software so there’s nary a change.

Plus, it’s always nice to get out of the house. However, it’s not like working at home means I can’t ever leave. Meetings can be easier and sometimes getting things done face to face can be faster but technology has made those issues less pervasive. Hell, I’ve probably developed better relationships via video chat in the last few months than I had in the ten years I was in the office.

There’s other things that suck too.

Oh, what’s that, there’s a guy one row over coughing up a storm, that’s just great. Ah yes, it’s good that you sent that email telling me you’re sanitizing things a bit more due to the pandemic. Makes me feel a lot better.That’ll certainly prevent us from catching anything as we all pack into an elevator with eighteen other people to go home.

Plus who the hell wants to leave their house during a northeastern winter? I sure don’t and if I was working at home, I’d never have to either!

It’s so freaking dumb! Just let me work at home. I get even more done than I do in the office and I’m happier while I do it.

Plus, the company saves money because they don’t have to rent this huge building in an expensive city. I also save money too because I’ve gotten Gas twice in the past three months(as opposed to weekly before) and I don’t have to pay for parking. Plus, I don’t have to launder dress shirts and other crap since I can wear comfy clothes at home.

Also, I can use my own toilet.

Yes, it’s not for everyone. Some people are extroverts and being alone tires them out. I don’t know what that’s like as an introvert but I am feeling good at home and get all the socialization I need via my wife and zoom board game nights with friends and family. Team building can be easier in the office too but the modern worker is a lot more comfortable with instant messages and texting than they are with face to face interactions. This is the wave of the future so might as well get it done now.

Some people can’t handle the work-life balance when it’s all in one place. I don’t have that issue, I can disconnect either way. There’s also a lot more distractions. I mentioned my dog and I’m sure families with 8 kids are at their wit’s end right now and want to get back to the office but you know, maybe don’t have so many kids or something. And for some people, it’s just not an option which sucks as not all jobs can be done at home.

However, for those that can, why not make it more standard.

Jack from Lost wanted to go back but I certainly don’t.

Just let me work at home forever please.

It rocks and I want more of it. It’s not for everyone but I think once we head back, this plight is behind us and the economy starts to recover, there’ll be a lot of people like me looking for new jobs that allow you to work at home full time.


  • Michael Clark

    The elevators at the hospital I work answering the phones are limited to three people at a time. The line in the morning stretches through the lobby. I’d love to work from home, our phone system is digital, but they want me there in the building.

  • Budget Life List

    Well, you have a quite the opinion about working from home. I don’t disagree with it. I am an introvert too and I frequently rejoice with the mandatory Coronacation. Good luck with your work revolution. Stay strong!

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