• Seven Tips to Take Advantage of Holiday Sales and not Overspend

    Sure, holiday sales are great BUT they're not so great if you end up buying ten things you didn't mean to buy. On top of that, since you're already spending a lot of money, it's important not to overboard. However, that can be tough. That's why I'm here with seven ways to take advantage of all these holiday deals, save more money while doing so and not overspend.

  • investing

    The Unlucky Long Term Investor Still Makes Money

    It’s sometimes hard to be a long term investor. The stock market moves up slowly but can drop quickly. The pain of loss has more impact than the elation of gain. Right now, we’re in a spot where a long term investor has had a great run. Those who entered the market after the crash of 2008 have seen great returns without any huge pauses. That’s why days when the market drops a few % feel so foreign and scary. However, the long term investor must be aware that things can and likely will get worse. It might not happen this week or this year but eventually, this bull run…

  • 2020 401k contribution limit

    The 2020 401k Contribution Limit is Going Up as is the HSA Limit

    There’s some good news on the 2020 401k contribution limit front! Our favorite tax-advantaged account is getting a boost in 2020. Every year the IRS announces their inflation adjusted figures for a variety of retirement accounts. For 2019, employees are allowed to put in $19,000 into their 401k, 403b and most 457 plans. That’s a well appreciated $500 boost from 2018. Luckily, this year is no different. According to a press release on the IRS website, we’re getting another boost in 2020. The amount you can contribute to your 401k(or like account) goes up from $19,000 to $19,500 in 2020. This boost in the 2020 401k contribution limit is a…