Morning Brew – The Digestible Financial Newsletter

Morning Brew – A Financial Newsletter

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I’ve got to admit. I’m new to the financial newsletter game. I wanted to find a way to aggregate the information I was looking at each morning. There’s a lot of financial websites out there but none do a great job of aggregation. As a result, I often found myself looking at five different ones each morning.

On top of that, the financial media has gotten too headline happy for me in recent years. There’s so much variance in everything you see every day and so many hyperbolic headlines. One day tech is dead and the next day tech is the place to invest. Each time the stock market moves, it’s either soaring or plummeting. Seeing that sort of stuff annoyed me to now end as someone just looking for information and not a bunch of opinions.

I was tired of it. My thought was that a curated financial newsletter might be a better fit.

The question was, which ones are good? There’s a lot of them out there my problem is that a lot of them seem so serious. Financial topics are already complicated enough and most of these newsletters just ended up being data dumps of less than useful information or long one sided opinion pieces.

I didn’t want just the same crap I saw from the major financial websites in an email, I wanted something more!

Morning Brew filled that void.

What is Morning Brew?

Morning Brew is a free daily financial newsletter designed for someone who doesn’t have a ton of time to search for news. The primary focus is on the stock market but you won’t just read about Wall Street. There’s news about technology, the environment and other topics that are relevant to modern life.

It even comes on Saturdays and those that share it with three friends get access to the Sunday edition. The best part is that you get this entire experience for free.

Morning Brew Financial Newsletter

Morning Brew condenses a lot of the information available out there and presents it in an easily digestible way. I’ve become a happy subscriber to the newsletter. Quickly, it replaced a lot of my morning websites. It’s got a nice, tight design and puts a lot of information at my finger tips without any effort on my part.

It has all the information I looked for before in a neatly organized package. On top of that, it stays away from the many things that annoyed me about traditional media sources.

There’s no hyperbolic headlines as the writing isn’t designed to get a quick click. That’s the beauty of a financial newsletter like Morning Brew. They don’t have to resort to click bait to get your attention because you choose to subscribe. While the other websites are competing against each other to see who can write the more attractive headline, Morning Brew is putting out quality content each day.

There’s a treasure trove of information contained within each daily email.

On Friday last week, I learned that;

  • The stock market was down and investors jumped into bonds driving yields down. We were so close to an all time low on the 30 year bond.
  • Morgan Stanley bought E-Trade! How about that, more consolidation in the financial industry.
  • L Brands sold a majority stake of Victoria’s Secret to a private equity firm. Do people still shop at stores?
  • ViacomCBS expects 16 million subscribers across its streaming platforms by the end of 2020. They also plan to drop all sorts of other content on those platforms with their “house of brands” strategy. Still, earnings seemed to suck and the market hated them.
  • Also, Haley’s comet returns in 41 years. Now, I’ll be ready!

And there’s more! The best part is that the writing isn’t just a data dump. It’s actually clever and witty and a pleasure to read. I find myself reading most topics even if they’re in areas I don’t typically look for. Also, it’s a breeze to read. That means it doesn’t take too long to get caught up on the news from the day before.

Even if you’re not in the mood for reading, you can at least take a quick peek at the “What Else is Brewing” section which gives you some quick hits about companies in the news. Liquid Death, canned water, what? Also, finally, Baby Yoda toys for those who are into that sort of thing.

Financial Newsletter

Morning Brew is a great service. It stands out from the various financial newsletters out there. I highly recommend you sign up.

Best of all it’s free so it’s worth giving a try to see if you like it. It’s just one click away. After all, if it ends up being bad, you’re just one click away from never seeing it again too. Thank you unsubscribe button!

If you’re interested in checking it out, just click the banner below.

Morning Brew Financial Newsletter

Morning Brew has been a good addition to my morning routine at work.

Before, I sat at work surfing Reddit in the morning. Now I’m much more productive with this bad boy. On top of that, there’s some fun stuff in there too. Friday had the weekly quiz and here’s a doozy for you.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s report on air travel, which airline was the most punctual in 2019? Apparently, it’s Hawaii Airlines! I certainly found the timing to be good during my flight to Hawaii for my honeymoon.

There’s also a puzzle on Fridays too! Really gets you ready for those weekends.

Happy reading guys and let me know what you think!

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