This blog is now about bunnies

Bunnies are cute and fun. Finance is not cute and fun. I own a bunny named Bun Bun and this blog is now about him.

We adopted Bun Bun from the bunny lady. She in turn adopted Bun Bun from a hoarder house where he was being underfed. Poor bun-bun! Lesson one about bunnies, don’t adopt a bunny if you don’t plan to take care of him.

Here’s some bunny facts.

Bunny Facts

  • Bunnies have a lot of babies. Our Bun Bun is neutered since that helps with their health. He can’t have babies; poor Bun Bun.
  • They like their own space and thump if you annoy them. Sometimes after we brush Bun Bun or cut his nails, he thumps at us. “That sucked,” he says in his Bun Bun voice as he thumps.
  • Bun Bun like all pets who have owners has his own voice. It’s cute, not weird, totally not weird.
  • Bunnies need to be brushed regularly as they can get hairballs from grooming themselves.
  • Their teeth and nails never stop growing. They tend to and need to chew on a lot of things. Bun Bun has a lot of wooden toys and hay to make sure he’s chewing regularly. If you’re not careful, bunnies will chew all of your cords and things.
  • Sometimes Bun Bun jumps on the couch to get seeds. Bun Bun loves seeds.

  • Bun Bun is more interested in seeds than he is in Cillian Murphy in Peaky Blinders.
  • They don’t smell much and learn to poop in a litter box pretty quickly. They poop all of the time and even eat some of their poop. Way to be efficient Bun Bun!
  • Rabbits are crepuscular. That means they are most active at dusk or dawn. We try to let Bun Bun out as much as possible during those times.
  • Bun Bun can binky which means he runs around the room doing wild jumps from happiness.
  • Many people adopt bunnies on Easter but they need to know bunnies take a decent amount of work.
  • Rabbits are prey animals which means they survive by running away. As such they startle easily and can legitimately die of fright. Poor Bun Bun, so vulnerable.
  • Luckily Bun Bun gets along with our dog – here they are holding hands.

bunny and dog

  • Bunnies will sometimes get sick and need medicine. Here is a video of Bun Bun getting his medicine because he was sick. He’s all well now! Way to go Bun Bun.

Bun Bun pictures

This blog is about Bun Bun now because he’s cute. Here are some pictures of Bun Bun that I think are cute and you shall too.

Bun Bun enjoys hanging out under tables because it feels safe. There are also blankets there to snuggle in and that’s cool too.


He also enjoys laying under the side table when the sun is out.

bunny sun

Often, when sufficiently relaxed, he’ll lay out in the open. In the picture below, he noticed we were looking and gave us a look back.

bunny relaxing

Sometimes he just likes to relax in his pen even when the gates are open. The bunny behind him is his friend. Bun Bun always bites its ears off and we have to sew them back on; poor friend bunny.

relaxed bunny

He’s got a castle in his pen and he surveys his kingdom quite often! King of the castle!

bunny castle

These are not the droids you’re looking for.

bunny star wars

This blog is now about star wars.

Happy April fools.


  • moneyprofessor1

    Am I the only one disappointed you won’t be writing about bunnies more often?Love the photos, nice joke!

  • Dividend Portfolio

    Awesome post. I remember when I was young, all I wanted was a bunny rabbit and the only reason was because I liked watching bugs bunny on tv. Probable a good idea that I never got one. But I think Bun bun is super cute and cool! Glad Bun Bun found a great home to be a part of.

  • Aaron

    Bunnies make a great house pet. We’ve had one for 7 years now – and love her. I would (dare say) they’re better than any pet I’ve had! Though, I will say they can be spendy – especially if you feed ’em organic and have to go to the vet now and again. But, they are lovable creatures.

    • TimeintheMarket

      It’s true, they’re pretty great. One of the best parts is how clean they are and how little upkeep they need. My bun bun is potty trained so he goes into his little pen to do his business and keeps the rest of the house clean. We let him out of his pen whenever we’re home so he can roam around. As long as we hide cables and make sure he’s not biting the carpet, he’s a no mess pet beyond the stray hay he always drags around the house.

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