Time in the Market dividend review – December 2017

Happy new years everyone and welcome to the last dividend review for 2017.

This is the big one for us mutual fund and ETF investors. It’s a month I’ve been looking forward to for a while. It will be the deciding factor in whether I hit my dividend goals for the year.

I hope everyone reading had a great holiday break and enjoyed the time off. That is if you were lucky to have some to end the year.

If not, here’s a joke from joke bear to make you feel better before we get into the dividend review. I find that it’s often nice to start the day with something silly or humorous especially if you’ve had a tough week at work or if you’re like me and have to go back to work after a long break. That’s why joke bear is here to give me a joke!

What starts with an E, ends with an E but often only has one letter?

An envelope.

It’s true what they say; You can throw an envelope as far as you want, but it’ll still be stationery.

Now that we’re all sufficiently tickled, let’s take a look at my dividends and how Steve, my dividend employee did in what is usually his best month of the year.

As a reminder, December 2017’s total was $2940.09 and I need to hit least $2629.01 this month to hit my annual goal of $8000

December 2017 dividends

December comes in with an excellent total of $2946.31!

Steve really got his hands dirty this month and pulled in an impressive $17.68/hr this month.

This December’s total isn’t much of an increase over 2017 as it grew by $6.22 or a 0.2% improvement. That’s not a lot but I’m happy with any growth and the small % is driven by the variability of mutual fund/ETF payouts. As an example of this variability that can occur any given year, one of my major international holdings typically pays once in December. However, this year  the fund also paid out in June this month as well effectively lowering my December payout by ~$230.

That’s why it’s the annual income that matters and December’s solid payout brings my annual total up to $8317.30 or a good deal above my annual goal of $8000!

That takes Steve’s hourly wage for the year up to $4.16/hr which is a nice little raise from the $3.51/hr he got last year.

The December dividend growth may be small but the yearly total is an 18.42% increase over last year and that’s what I’m looking for – a solid increase every year.

That level of growth shows why I set my bronze goal this year at 9250 which is higher than my gold goal last year. I’m expecting and trying to sustain this level of growth going forward and even improve upon it if I can.

My income this year also included some long term and short term capital gain payouts. Those I don’t track as dividends. The reason I don’t is that those payouts are more irregular(last year barely had any, this year had a lot) and can’t be counted on as well as dividends. The total for those was $2673.13 and brings the total income for the year up to $10990.43.

The great thing about dividends is reinvesting them with Steve, my dividend employee and letting them work for me. Reinvesting December’s dividends will generate an extra $64.82 in forward income.

The year’s total reinvested will generate $182.98 for next year. Since I reinvest the capital gains, including that in the total means I generate an extra $241.79 in forward income from all income collected this year.

The best part is that more than 75% of this income is in my tax-advantaged accounts. That means I don’t have to pay any taxes on it right now!

I’m pretty excited by the 2017 data and can’t wait to see how I do in 2018. I started tracking this data in late 2015 and the results speak for themselves. The graph is certainly pointing in the right direction and I’m eager to see 2018 raise the bars even higher.

December 2017 income

The fact that I’m generating over $8000 in income and growing it at a fast pace is a great motivator. It makes me want to keep what I’m doing and pumping money into the stock market. I set some harder goals for myself in 2018. The easiest goal goes from $8000 to $9250 and I’m dedicated to hitting those goals.

That’s it for today’s update. I wish you an excellent, happy, healthy and fruitful new year. Thank you for being a part of this journey.

December Total : $2946.31
2017 Total : $8317.30
Portfolio monthly hourly wage : $17.68/hr
Portfolio annual hourly wage : $4.16/hr


35 thoughts on “Time in the Market dividend review – December 2017

  1. Nice going mate! Well done for 2017 and best of luck getting your new target for 2018.
    That being said, it’s becoming quite a lot of money you receive every year!

    1. Yes, it’s nearing 10k which will be a nice barrier to break through in 2019 ish. Thanks for the well wishes for 2018!

    1. Thanks Mike. The year ended pretty well and I’m psyched to at least beat my bronze goal and get pretty close to silver too!

    1. I’m hoping to see the same level in growth despite the higher dollar amounts. I think that might be doable even without a ton of investments especially if companies are more dividend focused with the new tax bill freeing up some cash flow.

  2. It’s pretty cool to see a couple years of data. Thanks for sharing, and congrats on your successful goal-hitting! I’m heavy on retirement accounts/ETFs/mutual funds too, so December was a great month for me as well.

  3. Hey TITM,
    Congrats!! – 8317 $ for the year is awesome. Not long and you crush the 10k. Keep it up like that and FI is not a distant goal;-). All the best for 2018!!
    I added you to my blogroll…


    1. Thanks for the add DS! 10k is going to be great, I doubt I can hit it in 2018 unless there’s a lot of boosting of dividends due to the new tax bill!

    1. I gave Steve the heads up. He’s not very busy in January or February as you can tell by the graphs so he has plenty of time to receive accolades.

    1. $2.57 per day isn’t bad and I was there once. You’ll be surprised how quickly this total grows once you start pumping cash into it!

  4. Awesome way to end 2017 TITM. And Congrats on a solid month and for hitting your annual goal. And you’re right, the percentage increase from last year is important. Keep that up and it’s going to be epic.

    1. I’m excited to see how much growth I can see in 2018 and how the graphs will look now that I have two full years of data and will start working on the 3rd!

  5. Nice job for December and surpassing your 2017 goal for income. Keep raising that bar and stay invested in the market and you’ll surely make your 2018 goal too. Steve sure is a tireless worker!

    1. Thanks DivHut – I’m pretty stoked to get my bronze goal this year. It only makes me want to work harder next year to get my savings rate up.

  6. um holy smokes!!! Good job. You rocked it this month. you have that snowball picking up steam. no telling how awesome you will do next year. Keep it up

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