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Time in the Market Dividend Review – November 2018 – Money Market Yields

Money market yields keep rising. 

Cash isn’t something that we often consider when it comes to dividends. It’s just cash! It’s money that is on it’s way to being invested in stocks or bonds. However, it can add to your monthly dividends when money market yields start to increase.

We’ve been stuck in a period of no yields for quite some time. Now, it’s quite nice to start seeing 2% yields on my money market accounts. I don’t have a cash asset in my allocation but my plan does call for a 10% max in cash when I can’t find any good individual values.

I’m still in that spot right now and holding some cash. Now thanks to those rising money market yields, that cash is starting to generate some income for me. I’ll take that! However, I don’t know how long I’ll have this much cash since the stock market has been in a downward trend lately. That means I might see some individual values that spark my interest sometime soon. 

These better cash yields have meant good results for my dividend updates. YTD, I’m up 33.6% and that number continues to grow each month. 

Last year’s November clocked in with $107.44 so let’s see where I sit this month

November Dividends

money market yields

November comes in with $198.14 in dividends. That’s an 84.4% growth rate over last year!

Stellar results continue and bring the YTD growth rate to 34.66%. That’s not bad at all and I’m excited to see an off month like November get close to $200.

That means we’re likely to get to a point next year where my months are $200+ all the time! That’s pretty exciting given where I started.

The $198.14 reinvested at my average portfolio yield will bring in $4.56 more each year or $0.38 per month. That’s not huge but every little bit helps!

Steve, my dividend employee, brought in $1.19/hr this month. That brings his annual wage to $3.95/hr. 

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Awesome work Steve and you still have your best month ahead of you!

Overall, results this year have been awesome and December, the big dividend month is still ahead. I’m sitting at $7232.85 in dividends so far this year. 

You can see my progression in dividends below and the impact December has on results. 

The purple is looking very good and I can’t wait to see how it looks in December. 

I should be able to break $10k in dividends for the first time this year. Steve will definitely appreciate that. There’s still a long way to go before I’m financially independent but the growth is impressive and will only get better on a dollar basis as I keep investing more money and re-investing my dividends. Rising money market yields certainly help for those holding cash too.

Great results overall and I’m eager to see how December turns out now that I’m back from my awesome honeymoon. The market has been a bit sour lately but that just means future buys will be at lower prices and that ain’t bad for long term investors. 

Thanks for reading and let me know how your November went!

November Total : $198.14
2018 Total : $7232.85
Portfolio monthly hourly wage : $1.19/hr
Portfolio annual hourly wage : $3.95/hr


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