I am getting married this weekend and I have a new job

Quick life update here to explain my lack of posting. I’m getting married and I have a new job and my free time has been sucked away into some big dark void where blog articles don’t exist.

It’s true, it has happened to many hobbies and now it happened to me!

I’ve mentioned this before but I proposed to an awesome person over a year ago. Back then it seemed so far away but time moves fast and the day is finally here. We’ve spent the last few weeks getting everything finalized and by this time Monday, we’ll be man and wife.

It’s pretty awesome and I’m pretty excited to start this next chapter in my life. Wedding planning and all the minor things that go into it are a huge time sink and I blame that for my lack of posting.

It’s definitely not my laziness.

Two things about weddings; they’re expensive and setting them up is surprisingly a lot of work. I’ve gone through everything and we’ve paid all the bills so it’ll be nice to have that cost over and done with and get back to my regularly scheduled expenses. Now, I am looking forward to the day ahead of us and I’m super eager to spend the time with our families and my awesome wife to be.

There’s also another reason for my lack of post.

I had a post a few months ago about being bored in my career. In that post, I mentioned a new job opening and potentially applying for it. Well, I did and I got it! Big life changes for this dude in 2018 guys!

I stepped into the role right in the middle of our busy season and that’s been killing my free time as well. It’s an interesting role and a lot of new experiences. I now manage people, have a lot more control over decisions, present and talk a lot more and even have to travel a little bit.

I’m liking it quite a bit so far and while it’s only two months in; I’m already pretty sure it was the right decision. The extra money is nice too! That’ll certainly help the savings rate going forward! Money is cool gang but so is a cool job and a cool wife.

Travel-wise, I’ve been out of state two times for work this month. It was fun but hella tiring. I now have a new respect for people who have to fly for work all the time. How the hell do those people do it? Luckily, these two trips are probably all I’ll do this year. I don’t mind the travel but I’ll take being at home any day of the week.

Busy season at work is still in progress but the busiest parts are ending soon. That means more free time to do other things like write a lot on my blog again.

I’ll be a married man soon too and I won’t have to worry about wedding planning and how poorly we’ll dance either! I also have a big bump on my face that’ll probably look great in pictures. Wedding stress is real guys! I don’t really care though cause I’m marrying someone great and that’s what’s important here.

It’s a great weekend but Monday will be pretty great too as that whole big once in a lifetime shindig that costs entirely too much but is probably totally worth it will be behind me and I can get back to my regular life.

Also, we have Hawaii coming up in November and that’s freaking awesome!

Oh, also, I’ve been playing a bunch of video games too so it’s probably not just work and marriage that’s been killing my time. I’ve been streaming them on twitch too cause why not, might as well try to make some money. I have made affiliate and have earned $6.50 so far so you could say it’s been a wild, wild success and I’m pretty much rich.

That’s life for you, sometimes things fall by the wayside due to other commitments and you have to pick them up when those are past. That’s where I am with the blog.

I want to get back to blogging and am excited to move into this next phase of my life!

Thanks for reading and best wished as we move into fall. Hey, Fall is here too and that’s awesome, my favorite season!

Life is cool guys.


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